Which carriers does Haven work with?

Haven works with 20 of the top 25 ocean carriers, every major freight forwarder, and thousands of other service providers. Additionally, we are able to accommodate customers with their own carrier contracts as well as those who prefer to work with their existing forwarders.

Can I pick a specific carrier I prefer to do business with while using Haven?

Yes. A customer is able to choose among a number of available carriers and indicate their preferred partners.

Scheduling is very important for the commodities I handle. Does Haven offer multi-carrier schedules?

Yes. Haven provides shippers with schedules from multiple carriers of your choosing.

Can I easily track my container once a booking is made?

Yes, you will be updated as your shipment progresses via our convenient dashboard.

How do I get goods to and from the port?

When you enter a shipment into the platform, you will see a box that will indicate to us that you need door services. We will reach out to our provider base of trucking specialists to help you get your goods where they need to go – with full price transparency, of course.

I signed up for the platform. Why hasn't my account been approved?

Due to demand, we are currently only approving shippers and select forwarding partners. Please ensure that you signed up with your company email and not a personal address.

How much does Haven cost?

We have several feature packages designed to meet the needs of different types of containerized goods shippers, explained in detail on our Packages page.  For air freight, we charge a low fee per kilogram, transparently broken out on your invoice. For customers booking door services with one of our providers, an additional fee may apply and will be displayed as a line item in all quotes.

Do I need to sign a volume contract with Haven?

No, there is no minimum number of containers or pallets needed to ship with Haven.

When do I get billed for my transactions?

Depending on your volume, Haven can extend credit terms.

How do I pay?

Haven keeps fees low by using paperless processes where possible and offers direct payment via ACH (automated clearing house) at no additional charge. All other forms of payment will incur a processing fee of up to $20 on the final invoice.