Which carriers does Haven work with?

Haven works with any preferred carriers and/or forwarders that our customers wish to invite to the platform. For customers looking to extend their network to other service providers, Haven regularly works with the top 30 carriers in the world (by market share) as well as large international and regional freight forwarders.

Can I pick a specific carrier I prefer to do business with while using Haven?

Yes. Many of our customers use Haven to more efficiently manage pre-existing relationships with preferred carriers and forwarders. We onboard those providers onto the platform and import rate cards at no cost. 

Scheduling is very important for the commodities I handle. Does Haven offer multi-carrier schedules?

Yes. Haven provides shippers with schedules from multiple carriers of your choosing.

Can I easily track my container once a booking is made?

Yes, you will be updated as your shipment progresses. You can view your shipments using our Track and Trace visibility dashboard.

What is the scope of Haven's transportation services?

We service international shipments via ocean and air freight. We offer door trucking services to complete international shipments.