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With Haven, this CPG company’s lean, nimble operations team can drive an expansive supply chain that spans three continents and delivers all products to all locations on time.

A CPG company sells personal grooming products. Customers see just six items when they receive the finished kits, but in reality, fourteen different components are involved. Those components are manufactured on three different continents and then sent to a third-party logistic partner’s facility in the Midwest, for final kit assembly. If even one component is late, delivery is delayed for both home subscribers and the retailers that stock the company’s products


Previously, the company used forecasts to calculate the time needed to get components from manufacturing to the Midwest facility. They also relied on predictions for future orders, and to keep freight costs low and avoid a backlog of inventory. Humans alone couldn’t manage such detailed forecasting and supply-chain analysis at scale without a full logistics department - that’s why the company turned to Haven.

Now, Haven provides an ideal supply chain that ensures every item arrives on time and that costs stay down. The company has direct access to carrier and freight forwarder partners, so they easily track shipping times. And if the company needs to rapidly get products to a destination, they can rely on Haven for the same transparent, fast process for obtaining air-freight quotes.

With newly automated processes, the team can focus on creating great products...ones they know will be available when customers need them.


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Transparent pricing quotes for air, ocean, and door services in the same convenient platform

Speed and efficiency needed to work at scale

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