Haven is changing the global economy – and it starts with shipping.


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Haven—It’s a new way,
a better way, and a faster way
to coordinate global trade.

Haven is dedicated to making global trade as efficient as it can be. Instead of adding people and processes, we simplify and streamline your operations with technology. We’ve started that journey by reimagining transport management system software, but our vision expands to the world economy. Trade impacts everyone, from shippers and the businesses that depend on them, to consumers awaiting goods as necessary as basic food supplies. When trade is transparent, deals close faster, ships sail at capacity, and the entire supply chain benefits.

Haven automates global logistics for commodity traders, food producers, and other large shippers every day. In a system notorious for inefficiency, our solutions-focused TMS streamlines workloads, saving over 50,000 hours of human time thus far. Our tools unlock shipment data that otherwise gets buried or lost in emails and phone calls, and turns that information into actionable insights that make your work easier and more efficient. With Haven, you trade tedium and frustration for greater transparency and smoother collaboration.

  • 50k

    Hours Saved

  • 2.7m

    Metric Tons Shipped

  • 3/2/15

    First Shipment

  • SF, CA



We’ve brought together a team of experienced leaders from inside
and outside the industry to create a best of breed solution.

  • Matt Tillman

  • jeff wehrner

  • Carlos Madera

    VP of Sales
  • Justin Eckhouse

    VP of Product
  • eddie rau

  • geoff wolfe

    VP of Customer Success
  • parker moore

    Design Director, Product & Brand


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