Haven modernizes global logistics.

Haven builds technology that transforms global logistics for commodity traders, food producers, and other large shippers.

From procurement to payment, Haven TMS enables efficiency through automation and provides visibility to guide data-driven decisions. It’s a new kind of TMS: cloud-based, easy to implement and designed to improve team coordination.


Improve productivity, grow your business

Managing shipments across multiple providers is complex and time-consuming. Haven TMS consolidates all of your workflows in one centralized platform, minimizing emails, phone calls, spreadsheets, and risk of error.

Manage your shipments with just a few clicks

Every step of the shipment process – from booking to documentation to payment – is reimagined with the efficiency of technology. Haven TMS automates repetitive workflows and empowers people to focus on advanced tasks.

Gain visibility into all aspects of your logistics operations

Haven TMS goes beyond track and trace to provide deeper visibility into your rates, operations and performance. Get real-time status updates on your shipments, as well as full breakdowns of your rates, detailed audit histories, and sophisticated analysis of your data.

Expert support around the clock.

Our team of industry experts is available 24 hours a day. You can call or email customer experience and connect with a real human being about the things that matter most – helping grow your business.

Henry Bath is proud to be associated with the Haven platform for marine freight movement. The platform allows not only for rapid response to the market but the ability for us to enhance our service offering to clients in marine logistics.


Haven TMS customer